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Thiruman Kaapu in Theetu

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1 Thiruman Kaapu in Theetu on 29.09.09 23:01


2009/9/29 Contact <dhamalvaradarajan@yahoo.co.in>
In pangaali theetu, (10 days-maranaasousam), thiruman kaapu tharithu kollalaama? if yes, enna maadhiri tharithu kollalaam. pl explain.

I wanted to copy some useful information from the site as pdf/word files. But, I could not do so due to "font" problem. Pl help.

Look at the attached picture, thiruman only should wear without srichurnam.
Fonts used in the website is unicode, it will work if you select the unicode fonts
like arial unicode ms it will work in your word document.
நெற்றியில் தொடங்கி நடு வயிற்றில் இரண்டு, நடு மார்பூ3, நடுகழுத்தூ4, வலதூ5,6,7 இடது - 8,9,10 பின்புறம் 11 மற்றும் 12வது திருமண் காப்பு இடப் பட்டுள்ளதை கவனிக்கவும். ஸ்ரீசூர்ணமும் இதே க்ரமத்தில்தான் தரிக்கவேண்டும். கீழே....
here I copied the text from the website and pasted here.

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2 Re: Thiruman Kaapu in Theetu on 30.09.09 7:30

Thanks for the quick reply. I got my query answered. But, still I have some doubts. Some say, I can only wear srichurnam in Red and should not be with pazhum thiruman (esp when going out) as I am not the kartha and only a pangaali. I want this information mainly to know, how I should be doing sandhyavandhanam - with pazhum thiruman OR with just srichurnam in red OR without anything OR with thiruman using just water. please clarify. sorry for bothering you again. thanks

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3 Re: Thiruman Kaapu in Theetu on 30.09.09 10:48


Srichurnam should not be used while theetu.
Can do sandhyavandhanam without thiruman and srichurnam.
There is no relation between Sandhyavandhanm and Thiruman Srichurnam because Sandhyavandhanam is common for few Varanams and Ashramams.
It is better if you could do the Sandhyai after bath, wearing Pancha Katchama and Complete Puntradharnam according to Sampradhayam, but these are never be a reason for not doing Sandhyavandhanam, because sandhyai itself is having necessary body purification process.

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